Feelings Are The Language of the Soul

Feelings are the language of the soul and the currency of the universe. The emphasis for this post is ‘language of the soul’.

If you tune into your true feelings, your authentic feelings, those feelings that come from deep within then you have opened a channel to your soul.

Our true feelings come from our soul. They’re our guiding force in life.

You may like to call this part of you your intuition, higher power, essence, spirit or whatever label you feel comfortable referring to that deeper part of you as. They all have the same meaning.

I refer to all of these words interchangeably but the point to understand is that there is a truth to your life. And if you listen you can hear its whispers as it guides you on your path.

I have felt this guiding force all my life and it has brought me so much comfort on what could be described as a difficult path.

It not only brings comfort. It brings guidance and heaps of it!

If you ever want to know what to do in your life, need the answers to a question, need guidance on a particular situation or even something as big as what your life purpose is, then if you tune into those true and authentic feelings, that voice within, you will know exactly what to do in each and every area of your life.

You’ve felt this right?

At certain times of your life you felt pretty certain and knew exactly what to do. You did something and it felt just right to you.

Then other times you couldn’t make a decision to save your life and when you did take action it just didn’t feel right. Something is off but you’re not quite sure what that is but you just know it doesn’t feel right.

These are your true and authentic feelings coming from your soul. They are guiding you as to what is best for your life. But we don’t always listen!

If you tune into this GPS system more frequently its signal becomes clearer and you find yourself with a powerful navigation system at your finger tips. You may also find yourself knowing about events before they happen but that’s for another post!

For now, start tuning into that voice within. Listen to what it’s guiding you to do and take action. When you listen you’ll get a sense of what to do and then your feelings will let you know if you are on the right path and taking the right action.

But make sure not to get tripped up by the fabricated feelings from your ego.

You need to tell the difference between feelings that have become a habit for you and those that are your true feelings.

Habitual feelings keep us in our comfort zone.

You aren’t looking for that and when you take a step in the direction of your true feelings you habitual feelings may be put out and you feel a little out of your comfort zone. Just keep on going in the direction that genuinely feels right for you.

The more you pay attention to your true feelings and act accordingly the more you strengthen this network of invaluable information.

And all it takes is a few moments a day to sit in silence and be still with yourself. For minimum investment you reap plenty of rewards.


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