Feelings are the the Currency of the Universe

Feelings are the language of the soul and the currency of the universe. The emphasis for this post being feelings are the ‘currency of the universe’.

Feelings are what you use to draw something to you. This isn’t some wishy washy nonsense. It’s science! Quantum Physics, one of the most tested of all sciences, talks about how we use feelings to attract something to us. Like attracts like and so forth. In the words of Dr. Joe Dispenza, “thought sends the signal out and feelings draw the event back to us”.

This might sound like the law of attraction and it is! But I don’t want you to think like of it like this because so many people, including me, find the law of attraction a bone of contention. Instead of thinking of the end result, I just want you to focus on the feeling.

Imagine what it’s like to feel great, the best you’ve ever felt. We’ve all felt like this at some point in our life. Remember how everything in your life was amazing. You had great relationships, a great social life, your job was going really well, you got on amazingly with your boss and co-workers. Even your stress levels were down, you could exercise, eat well and take good care of yourself.

In this good feeling state people were naturally drawn to you. Everyone wanted a piece of you. They commented on how well you looked. Maybe you were even inundated with dating offers!

People and things were drawn to you because of your energy. You were vibrating at a high energetic level (everything is made up of energy, even you!) and so all of these good things came to you.

Now there has also been a time when you’ve felt pretty bad and nothing seemed to go your way. You felt crap, you looked crap. You weren’t been asked out on a date. You argued with your boss, your co-workers. You were unhappy with your weight, social life, finances and generally everything in your life. There just seemed to be more and more things to be miserable about. Well, that’s because your low feelings were attracting all of those miserable things to you.

This is what it means when I say ‘feelings are the currency of the universe’. You’ve got to use your feelings wisely to attract the life you desire. And yes, this can be pretty hard when you are low and genuinely feel like you’ve nothing to feel good about. I know, I’ve been there too. But I also know that unless you change how you feel you’re gonna stay stuck there and that’s not a nice place to be. So sometimes, it’s about pulling yourself up, no matter how hard it is because life just isn’t worth living at such a low level.

The good and bad thing is that a lot of these feelings are habits. They’ve got us caught in a trap but we can get out of them. Yes, habits are hard to break but if you work with them regularly you can break them and then you’re free to create new and better feelings for yourself.


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