Self-Care Leads to Confidence

7 in 10 women say taking time to care for themselves helps them feel more confident.

Yet so many of us don’t do it.

Why is it that we can look after the needs of everyone else but not our own?

For many it’s deep rooted;
“Others are more important than me”
“I should do this”
“I’ve to answer to other peoples demands of me”
“Looking after others is how I get my needs met”

These may be some of the deeply held beliefs that we have but also it’s because of our caring nature.

For the majority of us women we are more outwardly focused. We like to care and fuss over others. For me, I like playing mammy. I like that the kids eat healthy and nutritious food and that I can listen to their tales of woe and make them feel loved and comforted. Yet, I don’t always do this for myself. Or more accurately, I didn’t always do this for myself. This has change since I began my journey of self-love.

And for me that journey had to become a really conscious one. I had to say to myself that I loved myself over and over again until I got it. I had to remind myself that my needs are important. I had to learn to put myself first.

This felt weird at times and maybe even a little unrealistic. But now I know how absolutely vital it is to do these things. Now that I’m on the other side I can see exactly what it does for you and the benefits you reap.

Now it’s automatic that I love and value myself and listen to my needs. Yes, there are days when I still have to remind myself but on the whole this new way of being is slowly but steadily integrating into my life. When you value yourself you automatically feel more confident.

To get here I had to make that big conscious first decision. Then I had to work at it every day through loving words to myself, through the decisions I made and the people I allowed in my life. And once I stayed true to my path it became second nature to me.

This is also what you need to do. If 70% of women say that self-care leads to them feeling self-confident then it makes sense to begin your practice now. Make that conscious decision to choose self-care and more importantly, self-love. Practice it in a way that feels right to you. And remind yourself every day that you are important and your needs matter.


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